Happy Mother’s day ❤

I’m not sure who is responsible for planning the calendar year on year,  but if anyone knows them personally,  ask if next Mother’s Day could not fall on the clocks going forward an hour?  How mean was that?! I bet it’s the same person who turned the sun off here too. I’ve had a lovely day though despite losing an hour of much needed sleep,  and been spoiled rotten with affection (and an orchid that I may have to paint as it is so beautiful) from our lads. I’m a lucky lady and it put me in a happy place for working today.  I have loads to be getting on with and been doing some early starts to cope. Coffee is my best friend at the moment! Here is some of the latest stuff…

Enjoy x

It’s a hard life..

I nearly said that with a straight face. Did I ever mention I love, love, love being an artist – especially when the weather is as glorious as it has been this week. Another four years straight of this sun stuff and my skin may lose its blue, translucent appearance. The only thing less see through than I am is jellyfish.

I am currently working on a more subtle painting in oils. It’s a barn owl and he’s coming on nicely. Enjoy x

“Locked on… “

Oil on board.

Nearly all done now on the owl painting, bar a signature and the back side gessoed over. No, that really is a thing and not some odd, wishful thinking before anyone queries it.

He has had a raft of great comments which is always good to hear. Us artists can be a fragile lot underneath it all sometimes. I’m not. Usually when I’m being critiqued my mind is contemplating what supper will be that night. I’m not known for my concentration. I showed my brother this painting and he said “Wow! That’s absolutely awesome! Those eyes are stunning. ” Nice, yes? I thought so. He could have stopped there but then I would have never heard the gem of ” He looks like how I feel. I have excruciating toothache.”

So if anyone wonders what an owl looks like when it needs the dentist… here it is.

Enjoy! x

Hello darkness my old friend…

who read that in a sing-song voice in their head? Nobody under twenty I’ll wager!

I’m quickly posting the start of a new painting because my husband has been ultra efficient on the SerenArts blog and written a new piece, and is currently holding the ‘smug card’ on page views. It’s peony wars all over again! I need to up my game if I’m to reel in the heady heights of an extra 4 page views…

This is the latest piece on the go. Can you tell what it is yet? No, nor me and I have insider knowledge. Ho hum. I’m working oils on to wooden board rather than canvas, for a change. I’m hooked! You can really squidge your fingers in and not worry about bagging out the material. Bonus, right? I think the old masters were on to something.

Standing tall…

standing tall poppypoppy detaildetail 2background detailknife detail on poppycolour detail

A little departure from my normal detailed oil painting- well a gal has to fling paint around with a free arm at some point in her life, I feel. I even threw the brushes away for this one and used palette knives and the odd finger or two ( oh, and my fringe at one point ). I can spend a small fortune on brushes and still get that urge to squish the colour on with my digits in a hedonistic, glorious mess. Yeah, say goodbye to manicured nails when the urge takes over! I hope you like the latest painting and some close ups of details.

Enjoy x