“Locked on… “

Oil on board.

Nearly all done now on the owl painting, bar a signature and the back side gessoed over. No, that really is a thing and not some odd, wishful thinking before anyone queries it.

He has had a raft of great comments which is always good to hear. Us artists can be a fragile lot underneath it all sometimes. I’m not. Usually when I’m being critiqued my mind is contemplating what supper will be that night. I’m not known for my concentration. I showed my brother this painting and he said “Wow! That’s absolutely awesome! Those eyes are stunning. ” Nice, yes? I thought so. He could have stopped there but then I would have never heard the gem of ” He looks like how I feel. I have excruciating toothache.”

So if anyone wonders what an owl looks like when it needs the dentist… here it is.

Enjoy! x

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