More on the boards…

Okay so it wasn’t a forest-walking omelette I was painting, it was more of a cat sunning itself on some steps. I was working on my perspective for  this and it has come out well. I still have the top flight of steps to work on but it is nearly finished. After such mind-draining angles I opted for a loose landscape of sorts, which I have shown in a variety of stages. It started off very sombre but the addition of cherry blossom has lifted the whole atmosphere of the painting. I have a thing for blossom. Well, blossom on the trees I should say. It gets a bit annoying when it’s all on the floor and being trampled through the gallery! Whenever I try sweeping it up the little petals roll up and go brown, like tiny cheroots. I will come in one morning and see a circle of chain-smoking mice sat discussing Brexit under a haze of sakura smoke. I live in hope.

Enjoy x

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