Illuminate (finished)…


It is piddling down harder than the Manneken Pis today, so have something bright and cheerful to peruse. I went all exotic! I really should have a lay down and recover probably as I’d hate to scare hubby after THAT Spurs game. I’ll settle for a hot cup of chai instead. Get me.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this so much it has spurred me on to do another ‘colour emphatic’ street scene, but this next one will be with a brush ( and fingertips knowing me), not a palette knife as I want to play with a softer style. Fun! Yeah… I don’t get out much. I’ll start as soon as I finish my chai.

Enjoy x

2 thoughts on “Illuminate (finished)…

  1. Oh Shreen that is amazing. I would love to stand and look at that hanging on a wall. I would stand well back and I think you would be able to imagine walking down that street. Well done. I love it. 😀😍❌❌❌❤️❤️❤️
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