I went and caught the lurgy so the art has slowed up this week. However, sat at home feeling sorry for myself gave me time to try out some of the media I have, that often gets bypassed for oils. I’ve had a thoroughly messy afternoon elbows deep in soft pastels. I had no idea they could make such a mess – I’m hooked! My hubby came home and burst out laughing when he saw me. I was blissfully unaware I was sporting a dashing shade of cerulean as a goatee. Luckily there were no cold callers or posties at the door today, and I felt too waffy to water the garden, so the neighbours were spared my impersonation of a bearded smurf too. I can’t wait to play with the pastels again… I think I’ll try a Salvador Dali ‘tash next.

First two landscape pictures are pastels on paper, and the third picture is further progress on the oil on board I’ve been painting.

Enjoy x

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