Do you ever worry that technology will rise up against us, a la Dan Brown style, and overtake us? If you are, then let me allay your fears. I have a vested interest, what with my shiny, metal hips. Imagine if they turned on me, forcing me to go for walks (ugh!) like Wallace and Gromit’s ‘The Wrong Trousers’. Or suddenly break out spontaneously mum-dancing in the aisles of supermarkets. Scratch that last one… I do it anyway.

Well worry ye not. We are a long way off all that mularky.

And yes! I am about to get to the point and link my latest art in to this post…

Pointing my all-singing, supposedly intelligent smartphone at my portraiture, it went in to blurry overdrive, zooming in and out like a bad B movie effect, pinging the focal point around the screen willy-nilly, before it gave up the ghost and belligerently informed me “no face can be found”.

How rude!

It’s not like it’s a Picasso for heaven’s sake.

Everything’s a critic these days…

Enjoy x

3 thoughts on “Muse…

      • As my job is to find errors in software there is no tech as separate entity for me, it is always humans (running to my desk with “It works fine on my setup” 🙂).

        Thank you! I am still doing my first baby steps in drawing, Still cannot catch proportions and poses right, but if at some point I can tell a story with the drawings like these I will be happy.

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