Starts and finishes…

A quick picture post before bed of some oils on board. The piano one is now all but finished, save a few tweaks with the palette knife. Then in complete contrast, I have started a still life off using the smallest of brushes as I want detail to shine out for this one. I have gone from slathering to placement in one short day!

Enjoy x

4 thoughts on “Starts and finishes…

  1. Hi Serena, I love your work, your have matured, and now have such a new edge to your art, it’s quite beautiful to watch…. I love the new piece with the sunflower, still life? a lot of details in there. Thanks for sharing your talent with us all, With love June xx



    • Aw June thank you so much for the lovely comment… I am trying really hard to apply myself to new techniques. It is hit and miss painting subjects that people might want, but this still life will have as much as I can think of in it. Wine, cheese, sunflowers… hopefully something will appeal! Love S xxx


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