Abstract seascapes…

Ugh what a grotty week weatherwise. Hoolie upon hoolie has kept us holed up inside the gallery this week. The only fresh air we’ve had is the quick dash to the car to go home! It has of course meant no excuses for getting on with painting… and not hanging about drinking coffee, chatting and generally procrastinating with other studio owners down here!

I’ve recently had a bit of a thing for going small and bought a raft of tiny boards to play with. 13 in all. I figured 12 would look good en masse upon the wall… and one for something completely different ( sticks her finger up her nostril and plays la Marseillaise.) I am halfway through with painting charming, abstract mini seascapes and enjoying the freedom of using a palette knife. They are good too for squeezing betwixt larger projects while I wait for layers to dry off. Our friendly framer ( hello Beagle Framers!) is making up a load of tray frames for them to sit in – so how lovely will they look? I can’t wait.

Enjoy x

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