Lockdown birthdays…

I haven’t posted much during lockdown as to be honest… I’ve been catching up on virtually everything else except painting. A change is as good as a rest, they say. I am feeling very much in need of going back to the gallery as it has been 60 days and more since we last opened our doors. There is only so much cleaning and gardening my husband and I can do! We covid-proofed our unit last week, so we are now just waiting on Boris to give us a nod. I miss the routine and I’m struggling to sit at my home desk. I wish I could miss the snack cupboard!

My son had a major birthday recently so all plans went out of the window. I’m sure we’ll all celebrate him in style properly when we’re able, but this year was a quiet, weird day trying to honour him under restrictions. As part of his present, I painted one of his favourite footballers in oils on glass. I enjoyed this technique — it gives an inner light through the paint and makes it feel more 3D. I wasn’t the only one who liked it. The portrait is of James Milner of Liverpool and he liked my Instagram post that I uploaded his portrait to. Upcitin’! That’s made my birthday for when it comes around!

Enjoy, and stay safe xx

And for Max… sleep on, sleep well our beautiful boy. We never stop thinking about you and miss you every day. Night night Smiler xxx

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