Mike by firelight…

Well we survived the river flooding with just a watery kiss on our back wall, down here at the gallery. That is not a euphemism. Watching the news we realized just how lucky we were, as many others were not so fortunate. I hope anyone affected by the recent storm flooding gets back on their feet as quickly as possible, and back in to some semblance of normal life again, after the devastation.

After putting the gallery back together I’ve had a nice, busy period of painting. I’d love to show you pictures of the new artworks but I managed to wipe my smart phone of all its photos. ( It’s a shame the owner isn’t smart! ) I’m not the sort of girl to go back round revisiting stuff I have already documented, so here is everything I currently have in my phone’s gallery. As you can see… it’s Mike! I promised myself I would work on portraiture this year and it is nearly March, so I got a wriggle on before I thought of more excuses not to do it…

Enjoy x

Abstract seascapes…

Ugh what a grotty week weatherwise. Hoolie upon hoolie has kept us holed up inside the gallery this week. The only fresh air we’ve had is the quick dash to the car to go home! It has of course meant no excuses for getting on with painting… and not hanging about drinking coffee, chatting and generally procrastinating with other studio owners down here!

I’ve recently had a bit of a thing for going small and bought a raft of tiny boards to play with. 13 in all. I figured 12 would look good en masse upon the wall… and one for something completely different ( sticks her finger up her nostril and plays la Marseillaise.) I am halfway through with painting charming, abstract mini seascapes and enjoying the freedom of using a palette knife. They are good too for squeezing betwixt larger projects while I wait for layers to dry off. Our friendly framer ( hello Beagle Framers!) is making up a load of tray frames for them to sit in – so how lovely will they look? I can’t wait.

Enjoy x


Well if Picasso can have a blue period, I don’t see why I can’t. Thanks Pablo!

It’s been freezing down at the Tithebarn workshops so I thought I would take colour scheme inspiration from the things around me. Voila! The purple and blue of my cold, cold hands. Roll on Spring, huh?

Pictured are a few mini seascapes, and the process shown in my latest impressionistic landscape of bluebells and forest. I really don’t think I can pack any more colour in it, so I’m laying the palette knife down before it all gets a bit muddy. A muddy forest is far too realistic at this time of year!

Enjoy x

Express yourself…

I’m settling in nicely to my new gallery space and have already sploshed paint ‘up and over’… so it is truly mine now! On the boards at the moment are a commission (a companion piece to a previously sold painting) and an expressive landscape in similar colours.

Anyone would think I like pink… 🙂

Enjoy x


The prodigal poster is back!

I hope everyone had a fun and peaceful festive season and a great start to 2020.

We have had a radical transformation of the gallery for the new year and boy! Are we smug-faces at the moment. It’s nothing but a pleasure stepping through the door to earn a daily crust. It is much more spacious and professional, and Mike and I now have seperate areas to make a mess in.

Our friendly neighborhood chippie put in walls, worktops and the piece de resistance – my own desk. Did I say my OWN DESK? I have my own desk. Desk. DESSKKKK! I’m just a little upcited by this. Can you tell? Look at it! It’s so beautiful. Good riddance to the gnarly, uncomfortable, old shop counter top I have been perched precariously at for the last few years, lobbing globules of paint at my poor husband. I now have a people-proof snug to create art in. How lucky am I? Or is it Mr P that’s the lucky one? I’m not sure. Every time I look at my desk I forget how exhausting the last fortnight has been, cleaning out and making anew. The taking things back to a shell and then rebuilding afresh – even the wallpapering is a distant memory thankfully. ( The broken tap squirting water everywhere on the reopening day is still a bit raw though!)

Now if the river could hold off from flooding us out, that would be just dandy….

Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve our long- awaited dream of a beautiful and creative space to work and shine in… we couldn’t have done it without you.

Enjoy the before and afters x

A touch of Degas…

And plié.

Another oil on board with my trusty palette knife. I’ve been using it so much recently, I think I can now deftly repoint the stonework outside the gallery. Hmm. Maybe I should’ve thought of that earlier, as the river is on its way back up again. Finger’s crossed there isn’t a replay of the 2013 floods. That was a Venetian Christmas Eve if there ever was one!

Oo I could could call this painting Swan Lake, but that’s tempting fate…

Enjoy x

Messy time…

Ooh Ma, ’tis parky outside.

It’s enough to make you paint in monochrome by the looks of it! This painting is quite uncolourful by my usual standard, so I will start flinging some hues around soon with my palette knife. I have plenty of time to paint today as we’re open until late. We are having a midweek merriment evening, so if you fancy shopping with a glass of mulled wine and mince pie on board, pop on down!

Enjoy X