The decade of missing

Too long not to see your face

too long not to hear your voice

too long without embrace

this missing decade of no choice.

For you Max.

I see your essence all around me. I know your breath sails on the air I still breathe. I see you living in every droplet of water. I know you wander free and my heart settles again to the sweet sadness of love and loss. I miss you always, the now and ever after. I love you eternally.

Sleep tight x

Back to work…

Well what a week off. If anyone needs a holiday recommendation… quick! Head off to Croatia. It’s a beautiful country and it has been really hard trying to settle back in to work today. I think I left my head over there. I’ve been pushing paint around as a token gesture, but I’d rather be exploring the natural beauty of Croatia for painting ideas. At this rate, it will be at least Friday that my 100% artist mode will be activated. In the meantime here’s what’s on the board…

enjoy x

Illuminate (finished)…


It is piddling down harder than the Manneken Pis today, so have something bright and cheerful to peruse. I went all exotic! I really should have a lay down and recover probably as I’d hate to scare hubby after THAT Spurs game. I’ll settle for a hot cup of chai instead. Get me.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this so much it has spurred me on to do another ‘colour emphatic’ street scene, but this next one will be with a brush ( and fingertips knowing me), not a palette knife as I want to play with a softer style. Fun! Yeah… I don’t get out much. I’ll start as soon as I finish my chai.

Enjoy x


Ooh I can’t wait until this is dry enough to place in the frame. As you can see I thought I would go as subtle as can be with the colours and stroke work. To complete the demure look I will paint the frame gold.

I know, I know. A blind man san see this from space!

Enjoy x

I’ll huff and I’ll puff…

Well there was me complaining about a little cherry tree blossom messing our floor up, when along comes storm Hannah and blows down one of the trees, narrowly missing the tea shop next door. Luckily no one was hurt and the tree was made safe and pulled to one side. The morbidly obese pigeon is looking a lot happier now though… it doesn’t have to haul its lardy tail feathers up as far for a quiet sit down.

The other pictures are finished paintings and detail from this week. I’ve laid the paint brushes down as its a well-earned day off tomorrow but next week is feeling all colorful buildings at night. Watch this space!

Enjoy x

More on the boards…

Okay so it wasn’t a forest-walking omelette I was painting, it was more of a cat sunning itself on some steps. I was working on my perspective for  this and it has come out well. I still have the top flight of steps to work on but it is nearly finished. After such mind-draining angles I opted for a loose landscape of sorts, which I have shown in a variety of stages. It started off very sombre but the addition of cherry blossom has lifted the whole atmosphere of the painting. I have a thing for blossom. Well, blossom on the trees I should say. It gets a bit annoying when it’s all on the floor and being trampled through the gallery! Whenever I try sweeping it up the little petals roll up and go brown, like tiny cheroots. I will come in one morning and see a circle of chain-smoking mice sat discussing Brexit under a haze of sakura smoke. I live in hope.

Enjoy x

Taking my prawn omelette for a walk in the forest…

A catchy title for my newest piece, which I hope to submit to the Tate Modern.

Only joking!

It is of course an under painting wash for the next work. Can you guess what it will be? Answers on a ten pound note, to me please lol. Now I really am joking. I think.

I have finished off the boat scene previously posted, and called it ‘Still waters’ ( an oil on board,) and it already has an admirer. I may do little haiku poems for the backs of my paintings to reflect the subject matter. The words will come easily for this piece as I feel it sums up an emotion. It is more than just a boat and water.


Enjoy x