Christmas Fair…

A few more pictures to show the current art work I have been working on recently. The smaller ones will be taken along to the Christmas Fair at St. Margaret’s Hall here in Bradford on Avon on the 29th of November. I’ll be sharing space with two other arty ladies from down here at the workshop galleries so it should be a hoot! We all have our 6 foot of showing off table space, which is why I have been doing the smaller oil sketches. I find the tinier the area, the harder it is to be as expressive and free, but I feel I’ve managed it, and can’t wait to do the fair. We will be there from 10 am till 8 pm if anyone wants to come have a nose!

Enjoy x

Happy birthday, our Max. 32 years but ever young. Sleep well, sleep on, dearheart x



It looks like I went on holibobs and never came back! As nice as it was snorkeling around in the sunshine, we did come back to the glorious weather here… cough cough… and I have been busy again painting up some smaller pieces, with a view to selling them at the local Christmas market. I do hope the homemade fudge table stays away as I can see all my profits going there… again lol.

It’s good to be back, enjoy X

Starts and finishes…

A quick picture post before bed of some oils on board. The piano one is now all but finished, save a few tweaks with the palette knife. Then in complete contrast, I have started a still life off using the smallest of brushes as I want detail to shine out for this one. I have gone from slathering to placement in one short day!

Enjoy x

Musical stylings…

Guess who was feeling all musical this week? This particular blog is for all the guitar lovers out there. I’m reliably informed that the electric guitar painted here is a fender stratocastor in a sunburst colour. It could have been an ironing board for all my technical know how. I have a third oil painting in the offing but I’ll wait until there is a little more content laid down. It is a close up of a hand playing the piano and I can’t shake the idea it’s a tad reminiscent of ‘Thing’ from the Addams family at the moment…

Enjoy X

Busy bee…

What a busy old time yours truly is having! It’s been full on here creatively and my head is swimming with all the different genres I’m currently working in. It used to be filled with random lyrics from the 80″s ( yes, I’m still word perfect on the rap bit from Wham!s Young Guns ) but now my bonce is filled with random techniques like how to make one line wire sculptures without taking an eye out. I miss Wham!

Here’s a smorgasbord of media from the last week or two. Enjoy x