Taking my prawn omelette for a walk in the forest…

A catchy title for my newest piece, which I hope to submit to the Tate Modern.

Only joking!

It is of course an under painting wash for the next work. Can you guess what it will be? Answers on a ten pound note, to me please lol. Now I really am joking. I think.

I have finished off the boat scene previously posted, and called it ‘Still waters’ ( an oil on board,) and it already has an admirer. I may do little haiku poems for the backs of my paintings to reflect the subject matter. The words will come easily for this piece as I feel it sums up an emotion. It is more than just a boat and water.


Enjoy x

Board mania!


I’ve been busy again this week and finished off a few of the oil paintings on board that I’m currently embracing. I had a bit of a birdfest going on. I also noticed my husband sneakily changed the title of one artwork. I thought ” Shag!” was a perfectly acceptable title, but he swapped it for ”Gone fishing.” Can you tell which one of us is the grown up in this relationship?

Having freed up some easel space meant I could start on a new picture, and as the sun was shining today I grabbed at the opportunity to paint en plein air with another of the artists down at the Tithebarn Workshops, Jackie, who was drawing a three- legged cat called Colin – no really. I had to crop her out of my photo on here because I managed to immortalise her stuffing a boiled egg in her mouth as the shutter went click, and us girls get a bit funny about that sort of thing.

I had a big idea of not painting another bird for a bit so I have started on an ever-changing boat scene. My head was thinking something along the lines of a boat adrift on tranquil water but as I was painting it suddenly ran aground and reeds started growing… I’m going to need another title change at this rate!


Enjoy x


Happy Mother’s day ❤

I’m not sure who is responsible for planning the calendar year on year,  but if anyone knows them personally,  ask if next Mother’s Day could not fall on the clocks going forward an hour?  How mean was that?! I bet it’s the same person who turned the sun off here too. I’ve had a lovely day though despite losing an hour of much needed sleep,  and been spoiled rotten with affection (and an orchid that I may have to paint as it is so beautiful) from our lads. I’m a lucky lady and it put me in a happy place for working today.  I have loads to be getting on with and been doing some early starts to cope. Coffee is my best friend at the moment! Here is some of the latest stuff…

Enjoy x